The ramblings of a confused Third Culture Kid


Welcome to this little blog of mine. What is a nomad or a third culture kid you may ask? A nomad (according to the wonderful google) is one without a home who moves around or travels freely without ties holding them back. A third culture kid (TCK) on the other hand is basically a person who’s personal “culture” is a fusion of two or more cultures to which s/he was exposed during childhood. So how do I fit in this?

Well ancestrally I am Pakistani, I grew up in Saudi Arabia and spent the last 4 years in Canada (Shout-out to everyone in Toronto!). This blog is a collection of my thoughts and the process of figuring my life out as I move back to Saudi (yikes, I know).

Enjoy, I swear I’ll do my best not to make this a personal diary but hey, sometimes these things turn into that.