[19/10/16] Reminiscing over Tea and Biscuits

I have always loved the fact that I consider myself to be a nomad, someone who doesn’t really have any roots, someone who can find home in any place and someone who wants and needs change. So when I look at people that have lived in the same country and same place for 20+ years without much change, I’m shocked. I just cannot fathom how they don’t get bored.

Sure that makes me sound like a typical millenial that is after that wonderlust, who craves independence and doesn’t value the same thing as the generation above me did. But the thing is I am a millenial, but I don’t think we’re all as bad as we’re made out to be. Sure I want to travel and I like that I don’t feel the need to be tied-down by anyone or anything. I like that I am not afraid of change. But I had a moment of clarity yesterday.

I was sitting with my mom and some of her friends, all whom had migrated to Saudi Arabia around the same time as my mom and had all been in the same lifestyle (i.e. newly married, around 23 years old). This conversation with a particular woman led to her remembering when I first started pre-school and how she was so happy to witness my graduation from University. Hearing their stories and just listening to how they had spent 20+ years of their life together, through so much. That sense of support and having been there for someone through so much of their life is hard for me to fathom. 20 years. 20 whole years. In my life I have made some amazing friends, friends who I know will be there for the rest of my life, no matter where I end up. But I found myself envious, watching these women who have been friends for more than half their lives, having watched their kids grow up, some of whom are even getting married. Through awkward beginnings, all their pregnancies, from house changes, to milestone after milestone and there was something just so beautiful about it all.

This made me question my love for movement and change and sort of crave the same sense of stability. Thought I don’t think I’ll really change I think I appreciate and value that sense of stability a lot more.



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