[30/10/16] health and the spiritual realm 

To what extent do we let the supernatural dictate a persons illness? Is there even a supernatural element to this earth that we live on? 

Now all of this may be confusing but let me explain. Where I come from and the religion I follow, we believe that there is a realm of supernatural that live parallel to us, following the same God, living the same earth, undetected side by side. 

Now in certain cases, the ‘other side’ medels with our side and this is done via ‘magic’ or one the species own doing. Now I know you’re probably thinking, ‘This girl is crazy, what kinda crack is she smoking.’ But just hear me out. 

So here’s the back story so that all of this just makes a lot more sense. Recently, someone close to me was suffering from a said neurological disorder that she’s been suffering for about 8 years. This particular disease slowly reduces muscle movement in the patients body leading to almost immobility in its full form. Usually it happens to people in their 50-60s and there is no cure. Not one. Just meds to slow it down. Now the particular person I’m talking about was diagnosed at the age of 35. And then ensued the depression (which she was already suffering from for years). The last year has been rough, really rough, so she started seeing a spiritual healer. One who believed in the power of prayer and that the words of God would one day ‘fix’ this. 

So once her attacks of mania would begin we would sit and pray, pray that the words of God would help her pain and that soon enough the pain would be over.

Fast forward 1 year and we’re better but worse.  One one hand there is noticeable improvement and a sense that yes this possession is the cause of her problems, if not all but some. But on the other hand it’s as if we’re delusional and are basically just delaying the inevitable. That this person I love so much is sick, among other things there is something seriously wrong and we need to go to a psychiatrist and get her the meds she needs. Is she going crazy? Or is it just me thinking that the power or spiritual healing can and will heal my loved one. So here’s to still trying to figure it out and finding it hard every single day.



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