[8/12/16] female in a male dominated society 

Recently I began working in Saudi in a small start-up that helps business advertise digitally. All fun and the experience is great because I feel like I’m applying what I learnt ay university and actually sort of making use of my degree. 

Now the funny thing is, a lot of my work is done via texting or emailing, which means people don’t hear me talk and ofcourse they cannot see my picture. Along with that, my name is sort of unique so it isn’t that obvious whether its a masculin or feminin name. Now being in a society like Saudi where women were just recently allowed to work, naturally a lot of people believe I am in fact, male. 

From the occasional, ‘sir’ to the ‘hi brother’ (in Arab culture, a term of friendship is brother , we pretty much make everyone our family) I was starting to get a litle weird about it and couldn’t figure out how to get it to stop or what to do about it. And I’m still lost at what I should do or how to even approach it. 

I find it funny though how I used to enjoy being seen as one of the boys back in toronto but that’s because when you look at me, I’m quite feminine, you know the whole winged eye liner and lipstick, with ears pierced and wearing nicer clothes. I mean that’s me, I look ‘girly’ yet I am not. So it’s interesting to see how this has made me feel. Does anyone have any experience with things like this? 



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