[17/01/17] the love, one great love

Recently I’ve been watching reruns of Gossip Girl (don’t ask) but anyways besides all the glamour, drama and scandal the central theme of the entire show is this idea of finding the love of your life. Over the span of 6 seasons the main characters eventually end up with their first loves and their one true love. 

My question or my query is whether this idea of one true love exists. Yes, I believe there is that love but the idea that each person only has one is my issue. Is it really possible to find our one true love and actually end up with that person. 

I just can’t grasp that in an ever changing world where there are 7 billion people residing, we only have one true love. I mean I’m a total romantic and I’m all for love and soulmates but I can’t grasp the idea of having just one soulmate. 

So here’s my proposition, this idea of one true love was created to make movies and for the likes of Shakespeare. The idea that if you don’t get the one you want leads to this pining and that is the definition of love, that this ache and longing for a person is what love is. That discomfort and a struggle is part of the journey and that this is what you need.

But I disagree. Shouldn’t love just work. And if love works and just clicks, isn’t it possible for it to develop with more than one person. This romanticized idea of pain and misery being love is just so deluded and dumb. 

[still figuring this out] 



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