[10/04/16] 13 reasons why

If you haven’t watched 13 Reasons Why or even heard of it, where have you been?! (Trigger warning, it is a very very heavy show which has a premise of abuse and suicide).

But anyways, the show is beautiful and tragic and my heart cannot handle it. It makes you think, and it really puts things into perspective for you. As a person who has been fortunate enough to never gotten to a point where I have  suicidal thoughts, it was always hard for me to really fully understand it. 

But the one thing I loved about this show is that it gives you a much better understanding of what may cause a person to commit suicide and how your one action can have such a dominoe effect. How every word you utter can leave such a big impact on someone. Your words matter. so much. 

I saw this on FB and it summarized the show so perfectly:

So give the people you love a big hug, and be aware and walk around with your eyes open. In a world so cruel we could all do with a little bit more love. 



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